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Top African Business and Finance News
New Era of "Mega Breaches' Signals Bigger Payouts and Shifting Behavior for Cybercriminals
African Press Organization - APO - 10 April, 2014
JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, April 10, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- After lurking in the shadows for the first ten months of 2013, cybercriminals unleashed the most damaging series of cyberattacks in history. Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) (http://www.symantec.com/security_response/publications/threatreport.jsp), Volume 19, shows a significant shift in cybercriminal behavior, revealing the bad guys are plotting for months before pulling off huge heists " instead of executing quick hits with smaller rewards.
Statement by the President on the 20th Commemoration of the Genocide in Rwanda
African Press Organization - APO - 07 April, 2014
WASHINGTON, April 7, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- We join with the people of Rwanda in marking twenty years since the beginning of the genocide that took the lives of so many innocents and which shook the conscience of the world. We honor the memory of the more than 800,000 men, women and children who were senselessly slaughtered simply because of who they were or what they believed. We stand in awe of their families, who have summoned the courage to carry on, and the survivors, who have worked through their wounds to rebuild their lives.
Sidel Supports Africa's Rapidly Growing Beverage Markets
African Press Organization - APO - 07 April, 2014
CAPE-TOWN, South-Africa, April 7, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- In line with its commitment to Africa's rapidly growing markets, Sidel (http://www.sidel.com), a global provider of liquid packaging solutions, will participate in Juice Africa 2014 (http://www.juiceafrica.agraevents.com), the continent's only gathering dedicated solely to Africa's juice segment. The event, to be held in Cape Town, South Africa from April 8-10, will bring together all stakeholders from across Africa and the globe to analyse what is driving juice consumption around the continent.
DHL Africa's success streak continues in 2014
African Press Organization - APO - 04 April, 2014
CAPE-TOWN, South-Africa, April 4, 2014/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Having won multiple awards for its work in Africa in 2013, DHL Express (http://www.dpdhl.com) has once again been recognized for various achievements in the region, highlighting its continued investment and commitment to developing and improving customer service and human talent across the continent.
Africa Market Roundup
Botswana 8,664.65 -11.96 -0.14% 12July
Cote dIvoire 246.37 +2.18 +0.89% 07Mar
Egypt 7,949.60 -75.68 -0.94% 06Mar
Ghana 2,272.40 -11.84 -0.52% 17April
Kenya 4,904.58 -16.55 -0.34% 22April
Malawi 12,662.47 +0.00 +0.00% 07Mar
Mauritius 2,074.51 -3.51 -0.17% 07Mar
Morocco 9,544.10 +21.01 +0.22% 07Mar
Nigeria 39,408.33 +82.35 +0.21% 22April
Rwanda 131.27 +0.00 +0.00% 24Oct
Tanzania 2,018.97 +25.40 +1.27% 07Mar
Tunisia 4,624.39 -39.32 -0.84% 07Mar
Uganda 1,503.90 +0.81 +0.05% 10Sep
Zambia 4,242.74 +14.95 +0.35% 10April
Zimbabwe 163.85 -0.94 -0.57% 22April
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Americas Market Roundup
Brazil 53,738.00 -44.00 -0.08% 27Sep
Jamaica 84,371.49 +378.51 +0.45% 30Sep
Trinidad and Tobago 1,898.67 -0.87 -0.05% 30Sep
United States of America 9,107.04 +36.60 +0.40% 28Mar
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Top Asia Pacific Business and Finance News
Brisbane Targets KL Hotel Investors
Marketwired - 10 April, 2014
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA -- (Marketwired) -- 04/09/14 -- Hotel investors, operators, developers and financiers from Kuala Lumpur are being targeted in an on-going campaign to provide more hotel rooms in Brisbane each year for the next decade.
Asia Pacific Market Roundup
Bangladesh 14,570.68 -6.08 -0.04% 06Mar
Hong Kong 22,299.63 -165.19 -0.74% 28Mar
India 6,815.35 -2.30 -0.03% 22April
Indonesia 4,308.86 -11.33 -0.26% 14Dec
Malaysia 12,378.60 -18.97 -0.15% 07Mar
Mauritius 2,074.51 -3.51 -0.17% 07Mar
Nepal 805.65 -4.82 -0.59% 06Mar
Pakistan 29,191.84 +313.07 +1.08% 22April
Singapore 3,136.26 +7.09 +0.23% 07Mar
South Korea 4,218.26 -10.49 -0.25% 07Mar
Sri Lanka 5,966.06 +4.13 +0.07% 07Mar
Taiwan 7,296.28 +126.67 +1.77% 29June
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Europe Market Roundup
Cyprus 84.64 -0.22 -0.26% 31July
France 5,721.46 -67.37 -1.16% 31July
Greece 884.60 +17.70 +2.04% 31July
Israel 1,094.06 +0.90 +0.08% 31July
Italy 17,503.70 -56.17 -0.32% 31July
Norway 330.47 +0.38 +0.12% 27Feb
Spain 8,433.40 -23.10 -0.27% 31July
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Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Market Roundup
Bahrain 1,194.90 +2.67 +0.22% 31July
Egypt 7,949.60 -75.68 -0.94% 06Mar
Iraq 116.44 +0.60 +0.52% 31July
Israel 1,094.06 +0.90 +0.08% 31July
Jordan 1,956.52 -7.73 -0.39% 31July
Kuwait 8,070.17 +5.95 +0.07% 31July
Lebanon 1,154.89 +1.43 +0.12% 31July
Morocco 9,544.10 +21.01 +0.22% 07Mar
Oman 6,643.34 -29.24 -0.44% 31July
Palestine 473.16 -2.12 -0.45% 31July
Qatar 9,704.98 +37.62 +0.39% 31July
Saudi Arabia 7,915.11 +51.28 +0.65% 31July
Tunisia 4,624.39 -39.32 -0.84% 07Mar
United Arab Emirates 2,588.53 +23.99 +0.94% 31July
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