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Top African Business and Finance News
Young Nigerian Business Owners Meet to Promote Entrepreneurship and Innovations
African Press Organization - APO - 22 May, 2015
ABUJA, Nigeria, May 22, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Over 1000 carefully selected entrepreneurs made up of young business owners residing in Nigeria and in the Diaspora will be meeting at the NAF Conference Centre in Abuja on the 3rd - 4th of August for the debut of the highly anticipated Young Nigerians CEO's Conference and Exhibition 2015.
SimbaPay launches free UK to Nigeria money transfers
African Press Organization - APO - 22 May, 2015
ABUJA, Nigeria, May 22, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- SimbaPay (http://www.simbapay.com) " a leading digital money transfer provider " today announced the launch of its money transfer service to Nigeria. Using the SimbaPay app or website, Nigerians living in the UK can send money to any bank account or mobile phone in Nigeria instantly. SimbaPay charges zero fees for money transfers to Nigeria.
Chase Bank Kenya launches 10B bond
African Press Organization - APO - 20 May, 2015
NAIROBI, Kenya, May 20, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Chase Bank Kenya (https://www.chasebankkenya.co.ke) has today officially launched its Kes.10 Billion Medium Term Multi Currency Note Programme.
CORRECTION: Good revenue growth but the impact of revised visa regulations on SA's hospitality and tourism industry remains to be seen
African Press Organization - APO - 14 May, 2015
JOHANNESBURG, South-Africa, May 14, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- South Africa's hospitality industry is prepared to grow further in the next five years, with most growth in the sector expected to be generated in Cape Town, according to a report released by PwC today.
Moroccan innovator wins IPA 2015 US$100 000 grand prize!
African Press Organization - APO - 14 May, 2015
SKHIRAT, Morocco, May 14, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- In a glittering ceremony hosted by the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) (http://www.africaninnovation.org) in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Investment and Digital Economy in Skhirat, Morocco, researcher Adnane Remmal was announced winner of the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA) 2015 Grand Prize (http://www.innovationprizeforafrica.org), scooping the US$100 000 cash prize. This was a fitting tribute to an extensive research process, providing African farmers with a solution to improve livestock production whilst taking into account consumer health needs.
Mining Economies of West & Central Africa Gather in Accra this May to Showcase Resilience & Strength
African Press Organization - APO - 13 May, 2015
ACCRA, Ghana, May 13, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- The largest mining event in the region, the 7th West & Central Africa (WaCA) Mining Summit & Expo (http://www.magenta-global.com.sg/wacamining2014) returns to Accra, providing the industry with the timely platform to showcase resilience, strength and unity after a turbulent year especially pockmarked by Ebola, falling mineral prices and declining global demand.
Africa Market Roundup
Botswana 8,664.65 -11.96 -0.14% 12July
Cote dIvoire 265.91 +2.24 +0.85% 22May
Egypt 8,975.32 -75.44 -0.83% 26May
Ghana 2,360.76 +23.15 +0.99% 22May
Kenya 4,858.61 -21.34 -0.44% 25May
Malawi 16,111.57 -17.03 -0.11% 26May
Mauritius 6,476.79 -13.08 -0.20% 26May
Morocco 10,460.62 -1.42 -0.01% 27Feb
Nigeria 34,151.81 -120.28 -0.35% 25May
Rwanda 143.39 +0.20 +0.14% 02Oct
Tanzania 2,602.19 -30.74 -1.17% 28Oct
Tunisia 4,624.39 -39.32 -0.84% 07Mar
Uganda 1,904.16 -18.90 -0.98% 22May
Zambia 5,905.36 -42.84 -0.72% 26May
Zimbabwe 153.84 -2.10 -1.35% 26May
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Young Nigerian Business Owners Meet to Promote Entrepreneurship and Innovations
Chase Bank Kenya launches 10B bond
SimbaPay launches free UK to Nigeria money transfers
Uganda will host the Kampala Private Equity and Venture Capitalist Conference 2015 from 24th to 25th June 2015
Orange launches the 2015 Orange African Social Venture Prize
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Top Americas Business and Finance News
Americas Market Roundup
Brazil 53,738.00 -44.00 -0.08% 27Sep
Jamaica 84,371.49 +378.51 +0.45% 30Sep
Trinidad and Tobago 1,898.67 -0.87 -0.05% 30Sep
United States of America 9,107.04 +36.60 +0.40% 28Mar
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Top Asia Pacific Business and Finance News
Asia Pacific Market Roundup
Bangladesh 14,278.34 +144.92 +1.03% 26May
Hong Kong 22,299.63 -165.19 -0.74% 28Mar
India 7,767.85 +83.65 +1.09% 22July
Indonesia 5,320.90 +32.54 +0.62% 26May
Malaysia 12,378.60 -18.97 -0.15% 07Mar
Mauritius 6,476.79 -13.08 -0.20% 26May
Nepal 859.97 -20.56 -2.34% 26May
Pakistan 32,510.35 -196.87 -0.60% 26May
Singapore 3,136.26 +7.09 +0.23% 07Mar
South Korea 4,218.26 -10.49 -0.25% 07Mar
Sri Lanka 7,261.78 -22.98 -0.32% 26May
Taiwan 7,296.28 +126.67 +1.77% 29June
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Top Europe Business and Finance News
Polio vaccination as a doorway to adequate health care
African Press Organization - APO - 30 April, 2015
GENEVA, Switzerland, April 30, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- The eradication of polio remains one of the most pressing health challenges in Africa, stresses an advocacy report released today by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) at the closing of the World Immunization Week.
BRVM Investment Days: West Africa's financial centre comes closer to the London Stock Exchange
African Press Organization - APO - 29 April, 2015
LONDON, United-Kingdom, April 29, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- On the occasion of the second edition of the BRVM Investment days (http://www.brvminvestmentdays.org), the regional stock exchange for the eight countries of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) and many West-African companies have met investors from the London Stock Exchange.
Europe Market Roundup
Cyprus 84.64 -0.22 -0.26% 31July
France 3,992.69 +6.08 +0.15% 31July
Greece 884.60 +17.70 +2.04% 31July
Israel 1,094.06 +0.90 +0.08% 31July
Italy 17,503.70 -56.17 -0.32% 31July
Norway 330.47 +0.38 +0.12% 27Feb
Spain 8,433.40 -23.10 -0.27% 31July
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Foreign Minister Steinmeier on Germany's continued participation in the EU mission Atalanta
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Top Middle East Business and Finance News
Over 20,000 Migrants and Refugees Arrive in Horn of Africa from Yemen
African Press Organization - APO - 22 May, 2015
GENEVA, Switzerland, May 22, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Conflict and a complex humanitarian emergency has forced some 20,000 vulnerable people to flee from Yemen to the Horn of Africa over the past two months. They include refugees from Somalia, migrant workers from third countries and Yemeni civilians.
Day Two of Aviation Africa 2015 Focuses on Open Skies
African Press Organization - APO - 11 May, 2015
DUBAI, UAE, May 11, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- After a welcome address by Alan Peaford, editor in chief of "Arabian Aerospace" and "African Aerospace", the sessions got under way with a keynote address by Dr Hamdi Chaouk, managing partner, Aviation Minds, Lebanon "Open Skies and the challenges facing regulators from protectionist opposition".
Immense Potential of $80 Billion African Aviation Market in the Spotlight at Inaugural Event in Dubai
African Press Organization - APO - 04 May, 2015
DUBAI, UAE, May 4, 2015/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Aviation Africa 2015 (http://www.aviationafrica.aero) which opens on 10th May at Le Meridien Hotel, Dubai will underscore the immense potential of the African aviation market. The two-day event, held under the patronage of HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum, President of Dubai's Department of Civil Aviation and Chairman of Emirates Airline, has been established to forge a crucial dialogue among the aviation industry's leading stakeholders on the social, economic and political benefits to be gained from wide-ranging improvements to the infrastructure in Africa.
Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Market Roundup
Bahrain 1,194.90 +2.67 +0.22% 31July
Egypt 8,975.32 -75.44 -0.83% 26May
Iraq 116.44 +0.60 +0.52% 31July
Israel 1,094.06 +0.90 +0.08% 31July
Jordan 1,956.52 -7.73 -0.39% 31July
Kuwait 8,070.17 +5.95 +0.07% 31July
Lebanon 1,154.89 +1.43 +0.12% 31July
Morocco 10,460.62 -1.42 -0.01% 27Feb
Oman 6,643.34 -29.24 -0.44% 31July
Palestine 473.16 -2.12 -0.45% 31July
Qatar 9,704.98 +37.62 +0.39% 31July
Saudi Arabia 7,915.11 +51.28 +0.65% 31July
Tunisia 4,624.39 -39.32 -0.84% 07Mar
United Arab Emirates 2,588.53 +23.99 +0.94% 31July
Most Viewed Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Business News
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